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Latest Paintings in Exhibition

Mostafa's Oil Painting at the federation of Canadian Artists ( Muse Exhibition)

Mostafa's Oil Painting at the Federation of Canadian Artists (Group of 7 100th Anniversary)


Poetry Book 

Mostafa's poetry book Life is like is available on iBook and Amazon

Below is a sample of his private (Unpublished) collection of poetry and paintings

Please contact us for publishing offers

"The Magician "

A poem by Mostafa Keshvari 

The great magician kneaded the universe like the dough, flat

Then he pulled it out like a newborn rabbit from his infinite hat    Are we part of this universe or is this universe a part of us?

The grand illusion is, you are not "this" and you are not "that"

Oil Painting on Canvas (30X36)
By Mostafa Keshvari 

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