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"You are not a drop in the ocean but

the entire ocean in a drop"




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Marble Surface

 Mini Bio

Mostafa Keshvari is an award-winning Persian/Canadian  writer, director and producer based in Vancouver and a 

member of Directors and Writers Guild of Canada.

As a top graduate of Vancouver film school, Mostafa made his first film I Ran (2015) which was screened at the Cannes film festival short corner. Since then, Mostafa's films have been awarded over 70 wins and nominations at IMDb qualifying film festivals around the world. His films mainly explore social issues and have been promoted in global media such as The New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, Times of India, TIMES, Global News, CNN, CBC, and BBC

Mostafa's films range from feature-length to short, and animation.  His directorial debut Unmasked feature film has won 28 global awards and can be watched on Amazon and Tubi. Mostafa's latest and second feature film "Corona" on Coronavirus and Xenophobia was acclaimed as the world's first COVID-19 film by global media and premiered at the Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island international film festival where it won the Best Director's award.  The film is available on major US streaming platforms including Apple TV and Comcast. 

Mostafa's latest animation "Eternal Igloo" has been selected in Oscar-qualifying film festivals, nominated for 3 Leo Awards, selected at Cannes film festival 2021( short corner ), and won the prestigious Golden Sheaf Award at Yorkton film festival. 

Mostafa is also a published poet and a professional painter at the Federation of Canadian Artists. 

" The real art is life itself; the rest a perfect illusion

 at its best !"                                        

                                                       Mostafa Keshvari                 



Marble Surface

Feature Film In Post Production



Mostafa Keshvari 


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