"You are not a drop in the ocean but the   entire ocean in a drop " 




Director, Writer, Producer

 Mini Bio

Mostafa Keshvari is an award-winning Canadian/Persian  writer, director and producer based in Vancouver. 

As a top graduate of Vancouver film school, Mostafa made his first film I Ran (2015) which screened at Cannes

film festival short corner. Since then, Mostafa's films have won numerous awards at global film festivals and have been promoted in global news media such as The NewYork Times, Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, Times of India, Global News, CNN and BBC. Mostafa has over 40 IMDb credits and 14 films under his belt ranging from feature to short, animation and documentary. His films mainly explore social issues with strong female lead characters. Mostafa's directorial debut Unmasked feature film has already won 28 IMDb awards and can be watched on Amazon. Mostafa's latest and second feature film "Corona" on Coronavirus and Xenophobia is set for release in 2020 . 

Mostafa is also a published poet and a professional painter at the Federation of Canadian Artists. 

" The real art is life itself , the rest a perfect illusion       at best !"                                        

                                                       Mostafa Keshvari                 




Feature Film In Development 

"The Forgiver", Mostafa's third feature film is a women-empowering psychological thriller. The script has been selected for Whistler film festival Power Pitch program

and is currently in development stage. 


Please contact Mostafa for collaboration opportunities. 



Mostafa Keshvari 

Email: mostafa@grandmusepictures.com

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